Centre for Socio-psychological Rehabilitation

Delivering help and support to orphans and children deprived of parental care is central to the Father’s House mission. Too often, these are children are living in environments characterised by poverty, domestic violence, alcohol abuse, unemployment, and little or no parental skills. These issues are exacerbated by insufficient government response and lack of initiative for developing the capacity of the family.


A family is the most natural environment for a child. Nothing can ever completely replace it. Nevertheless, thousands of children who have been deprived of parental care are living in orphanages. We would like this number to decrease every year. Every child is entitled to grow up and be loved in a family environment. We welcome orphans and children who have been deprived of parental care to give them a new chance for a family and a loving, caring environment. We practice demonstrating an example of a complete family to children, which they can reproduce in the future. Families working in our center develop an environment where children are motivated to become successful: receive education, be sociable, recognize their talents and passions, choose a profession, and prepare for a future family life.

Mother and Child Together Centre

The aim of the Mother and Child Together Centre is to provide expectant and new mothers for childbirth and parenthood. In doing so, we aim to reduce rates of child abandonment and facilitate social integration for women and children in challenging situations.  At the Centre, we create an environment that resembles the family home as closely as possible, and invite pregnant women and women with young children to stay for an agreed period of time. We teach parenting skills, build foundational knowledge of child development, a nurture the relationship between mother and child through communication and play. The Mother and Child Together Centre has been operating since 2012 and has successfully delivered support to 26 families.

Ambassadors of Father’s House

Ambassadors of Father’s House (AFH) is the collective effort of adoptees and graduates of Father’s House who remain dedicated to creating transformational opportunities for orphaned children. Led by Anastasiia Korniiko, daughter of Father’s House President Roman Korniiko, the Ambassadors of Father’s House work tirelessly to unite, motivate and initiate social action projects that develop leadership among orphaned and disadvantaged youth. The initiative stands by the mission and values of the Father’s House project and acts as a global advocate of the principles by which we work.

The New Family Centre

The New Family Centre promotes and facilitates the adoption of orphaned children into new families. We source potential adoptive parents for our database, provide practical assistance in the adoption process, and provide new parents with educational materials, teaching manuals, workshops and family bonding camps. The New Family Centre is a place for assistance and support to families who have adopted a child, and as such is an effective mechanism for spreading the positive experience of adoption.



Program’s activities are aimed to nurture spiritual upbringing and a set of moral values with the help of summer caps, backpack hiking, water adventures and excursions. Education through adventures helps a child develop personality traits and empower a feeling of self-dignity.

Children and youth have an opportunity to test oneself through various activities, gain new experiences, and discover one’s abilities and talents. They develop communication skills, self-sufficiency, discover new priorities/goal and accomplish them. Children learn to make friendships and help one another, gradually get rid of their bad habits, learn how to cope with new rules in life, and compromise. During such activities, the children have a chance to observe the effect of decisions and consequences.

The program is intended to help children immerse into the world of adventures, new discoveries and amusing travels.



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